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10 Loving, Courageous, Prosperous Leaders Program

Next Program begins September 1, 2015 Apply now.

Only 10 spots available.  Currently, I'm enrolling for a new program called 10 LCPL,  which is a 12 month intense program of one on one coaching, plus group coaching and being placed on a team-- all intended for you to  have breakthroughs to become a Loving, Courageous, Prosperous and effective manager or leader. This is a wonderful program that will set you on a path to success and more peace and love at work and at home in the new year. Click here to get more information!

About Rosie Bernardo

"Rosie Bernardo...thank you for your passionate leadership and your commitment to love and serve. You are an extraordinary human being." ~ Steve Hardison, The Ultimate Coach

Hi! I'm Rosie Bernardo, an entrepreneur, professional singer/dancer, and transformation coach who specializes in creating Loving, Courageous, and Prosperous Leaders by assisting people to reconnect with themselves, their loved ones, and their coworkers.

I offer yearly intimate group programs, one on one deep coaching sessions, small group coaching, VIP days, and I'm available for speaking engagements and workshops for your company or start up. 

Currently, I'm really excited to announce Three NEW Programs:

1. The Power 10
A very elite group coaching and one-on-one coaching program for young adult leaders (19-28) to become Loving and Courageous Leaders in their own communities! Enrollment is currently open. Please request an interview.

  • Course begins October 1, 2016.
  • Cost: $5,000 for the year. There is an affordable deposit and monthly payments are available. The lump sum is due at the end of the year. You can also be sponsored for this program by a local company or organization and your cost would be only $200. Ask me for details!

2. 10 Loving, Courageous, Prosperous Leaders! (10 LCPL)
This program is by INVITE ONLY. It is for adults who are already emerging leaders and business owners or supervisors who would like to take their business and life to the next level and finally create the life and results (feeling happy and with higher balances in their bank accounts) they have dreamed about with more love and peace in their work and at home.

  • Course begins September 1, 2016.
  • Cost: $7,500 for the year with a down payment, affordable monthly payments and lump sum due at the end of the year. Paying in full up front brings a 10 % discount and super commitment on your part. Much better way to start the program!

3. Self Care 101": Creating Your Dreams Without Going Crazy!

This course is specifically for Artists! Entrepreneurs will also enjoy this fun, radical, entertaining, honest exploration around how as artists and big dreamers--sometimes with big personalities--we can learn to play nice with others, finally focus and create massive success and joy, and stay sane and healthy. It runs for 6 weeks at a time and includes two weekly one hour meetings. It is currently being offered in Miami, Los Angeles, and Washington DC several times throughout the year. It will also be available online for half the cost by January 2017.

Next class and location will be announced soon! Join my email list below for details and announcements or follow me on twitter @rosieblive and Instagram CoachRosiemaslove

See Coach and Singer Rosie B in Person!

If you'd like to receive information about where you can hear me speak and sing/dance and LOVE ON my audience, please follow me on twitter (@rosieblive) or Instagram at CoachRosiemaslove. You may also sign up for my mailing list or email me directly. Rosie.Bernardo at gmail.com

If you just want to get a taste of what coaching is, my current fee is $250/hour for a one time session. You are welcome to invite other people to join for a unique group experience and share the cost.

All fees are paid upfront, in full and are nonrefundable. For certain income groups, monthly payments may be available upon request. I also give partial scholarships towards tuition for participating in specially-designed community service during your coaching contract!

Personalized coaching programs can also be created to fit your budget if you're super serious about creating a breakthrough in your life and you inspire me. So don't let money get in the way of your growth. Making an investment in yourself is one of the best investments you can make.

If a client chooses to discontinue coaching, his/her balance will be used as scholarships in my Outrageous Loving Leaders program where recently homeless and low income men and women receive very low fee coaching and workshops at very low cost. Everyone needs to pay a little to create commitment, so for some it's as little as $4.00 and others 44 cents, depending on home status and income levels.

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"Rosie Bernardo...thank you for your passionate leadership and your commitment to love and serve. You are an extraordinary human being." ~ Steve Hardison, The Ultimate Coach

""Rosie Bernardo stepped in to offer a creative, compassionate and inspiring workshop to the Dress for Success Worldwide - West unemployed clients participating in the Going Places Network. Her knowledge of the current job market and interviewing techniques combined with her personal pearls of wisdom really made for a fabulous and motivating workshop that everyone enjoyed. Rosie is an energetic and wonderful presenter and motivational coach and I can't wait until we can have her back." -- Brynne Zaniboni, Program Director for Dress for Success